What 10 Million People Have To Say About Green Coffee Bean Extract

Weight loss solutions seldom perform as advertised. Some never do anything at all, and others do so little that it is hard to tell if they are responsible for any weight you may be losing or not. Green coffee bean products appear to be more promising. Like most herbal vitamins, they have not undergone rigorous testing, so claims as to their effectiveness are not fully backed up by clinical studies and tests.

Green coffee bean capsules to not burn fat, although they are sometimes promoted as doing such. To burn fat you either have to exercise or starve yourself. In either case, your body digs into its reserve energy store, which happens to be in the form of fat. Most weight loss capsules, if they do anything at all, keep you from putting more fat on you than you already have. It is hard to lose weight when you are adding to it at the same time.

Green coffee bean product contain a compound called chlorogenic acid, a compound that occurs naturally in the bean itself. When chlorogenic acid is present in your digestive tract it serves to prevent carbohydrates from being absorbed by the body. Carbs that are not absorbed will not be converted to energy-producing glucose, so your body has to look elsewhere for its energy needs, and that elsewhere is fat.

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Green coffee bean supplements could be said to work indirectly in that they do not burn fat, but they seem to do the next best thing. They place limits in the amount of glucose or blood sugar in the body, a readily available source of energy. They do not eliminate glucose, which would be a very bad thing, but they tend to lower blood glucose levels. The operative word is “tend”, and it can be quite difficult to quantify.

A number of studies that have been conducted indicate that green coffee bean products do provide positive results insofar as their ability to promote weight loss is concerned. While these studies, and the tests they involve, appear to have been reasonably well conducted and aboveboard, most of them were unfortunately conducted by the very companies selling the products. It is almost like tobacco companies saying “cigarettes are good for you.” If you take the results at face value however, the tests have some validity.

Unlike so many highly-promoted weight loss solutions, green coffee bean capsules actually seem to work, or at least for some people. Those promoting this capsule would probably better off if additional independent and rigorous tests were conducted, so consumers would not be put off by test results they believe to be biased. The trials that were conducted have been classified as randomized control trials, which makes it difficult to relate the results of one trial to another.

What these tests did show is that some of the participants experienced a 3 percent loss in body fat over a 12-week period. Weight loss capsules were not used during the trial period. Instead, green coffee bean extract was added to instant coffee. A few people who participated in the testing experienced minor side effects, but the exact cause of the side effects was never determined.

Generally speaking, green coffee bean extract or solutions containing the extract do not seem to cause anything other than minor side effects in some people, and no more so than almost any other product. They are safe to take, although the user should always remain aware of the fact that there have as yet not been any studies to determine the long term effects, if indeed there are any.

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The side effects some people experience when taking green coffee bean solutions for weight loss are generally quite mild, and most people do not appear to experience any at all, or if they do it is for a short time only. The culprit is believed to be chlorogenic acid, a compound in the bean that is believed to be what makes the capsules work. The other chemical involved is caffeine which, if it plays any role at all, is a minor one.

The side effects experienced are in some ways similar to side effects that can result from drinking too much coffee. That is not to say it is the caffeine in green coffee beans vitamins that is to blame for any side effects, but caffeine could still be a contributor. Chlorogenic acid is considered to be safe however, even in the concentrated amounts found in capsules and powders. Cholorgenic acid may be present in minute amounts in the coffee you drink, but most of it is destroyed when a coffee bean is roasted.

What is not known is whether green coffee bean supplements can cause dangerous side effects in unborn babies or small infants. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding are advised not to take these capsules, or any herbal vitamins whose absolute safety has yet to be proven. Children should not be given these solutions for the same reason.

If you start taking green coffee bean product and experience side effects, you can continue to take them if the side effects are not overly unpleasant, as they are likely to diminish over time. If they happen to be severe however, or if you have an allergic reaction, you should stop immediately. There are instances when products deemed safe for everyone, may not be all that safe for a few.

If the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract is the key element responsible for weight loss, a fair question to ask is just how it works. What it does not do is burn fat. Only exercise or movement will burn fat, and that will only happen when the regular source of energy in the body, which exists in the form of blood sugar, is lowered to the extent that the body begins digging into the its reserves.

Chorlogenic acid take somewhat of a backdoor approach when it comes to weight loss. Green coffee bean solutions could be said to turn a regular diet into a low card diet, although in somewhat of a limited sense. A low car diet helps you lose weight because carbohydrates, when absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract, are converted into sugar, the body’s source of energy. Fewer carbohydrates mean less sugar, which makes the body go to its reserves, and burn away fat.

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The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans limit the amount of carbohydrates that will be absorbed. The carbs simply pass on through the digestive tract and are eliminated. If that were all there was to it, it would seem that if you ate enough solutions, none of the carbohydrates you ate would be absorbed, which probably would not be a good thing. A low carb diet is one thing;a no-carb diet would probably kill you in a short time.

Another thing to bear in mind is this. Even if the amount of carbohydrates being absorbed and converted to sugar is lessened, that source of energy has to be burned away before any fat will burn off. Green coffee bean capsules alone won’t do the job. You will still have to exercise if you want to lose any weight at all.