How To Avoid Unwanted Effects From Green Coffee Bean Extract

There is no universally recommended dosage for green coffee bean vitamins. The various manufacturers have their own recommended dosages, which run from 240 mg to 3000 mg per day, which is admittedly a pretty wide range.

The concentration of chlorogenic acid in each capsule or tablet may have something to do with it, but there is no standard, which is to say that those who are producing the capsules are more than likely winging it.

Fortunately, chlorogenic is considered to be safe, and unless you take a ridiculously high dosage in hopes of losing weight fast, you probably have nothing to worry about. Losing too much weight too quickly is generally not a healthy thing to do. If you take green coffee bean capsules in the aforementioned dosage range, you should do fine, and you might even consider finding a product the recommends a dosage at or near the 3000 mg mark.

One question to ask yourself is this: 3000 mg of what? Will you be ingesting mostly chlorogenic acid and caffeine, or will the 3000 mg consist mostly of filler, and “other” ingredients. When you go shopping for your green coffee bean diet capsules, it will pay to read the label before you buy, so you know what you are getting.

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Another alternative might be to try eating a green coffee bean “as is”, in other words a raw coffee bean. Eating beans that have not been roasted would be like eating nuts, shells and all, and the unroasted beans are not particularly flavorful. The coffee flavor and aroma comes with the roasting. You could crush the beans before eating them, since trying to chew them is hard on the teeth, but you would still have pieces of outer shell to contend with. Stick with the vitamins.

If you invested in green coffee bean fat burner, and they did not appear to help you lose weight, what do you do next? One alternative is to write the medicines off as a bad investment, and try something else. Writing the vitamins off may be the only sensible thing to do. Trying something else would probably lead you down the same path. It could be hard to give up however, since some of these vitamins are rather pricey, and even if you have been using the fat burners for 2 or 3 months without results, you might be tempted to throw good money after bad.

Another approach would be to try to get your money back. While there are exceptions, and you might luck out, all too many producers of green coffee bean vitamins have gained a reputation for poor customer service. While their goal of making money may be an admirable one, their extreme reluctance to refund money definitely is not.

A third approach may have some merit in that you may actually feel you are getting something for your money, if not everything you expected. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean capsules, is the active ingredient, and it can actually do your body some good. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and helps to maintain cholesterol and triglycerides within their proper ranges. A healthy diet can do the same of course, but if you want to get a little something out of the capsules you purchases, you might as well eat them all.

If you elect to give green coffee bean vitamins a try, check out the reviews to find out which brands are the most popular and have the fewest complaints. is a good source for the fat burners and a good place to check out the reviews.

If you have decided to give green coffee bean fat burners a try in your battle to lose weight, one of the first things you will notice is the number of different brands and dosages you can chose from. Selecting a product at random is not a particularly good idea because, no matter how effective these capsules seem to be, many of the brands on sale are for all practical purposes worthless.

It should come as no shock that some manufacturers of green coffee bean vitamins are in the business to make a quick buck, and they could care less whether you lose any weight or not. Their products tend to be low in active ingredients, and high in fillers and “other” ingredients which serve no useful purpose.

What you want to look for is a “pure” supplement. This would be a green coffee bean supplement that contains no less than 42% chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient responsible for weight loss. The remaining ingredients will consist of caffeine and the vegetable matter used in the coating of a tablet or capsule. Any other ingredients should be listed along with the purpose they serve if it is not obvious.

Look for green coffee bean vitamins that have been manufactured in the United States. They will not have been approved by the FDA; few herbal fat burners are. The companies could however suffer consequences by making false claims. There are quality overseas producers, but chances are good that their customer services are sadly lacking should you ask for a refund. Finally, it won’t hurt you to remember that these fat burners do not have the same effect on everyone who takes them. Some who take them report excellent results, while others have had less success or are still waiting for the first pound to go away.

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Green coffee bean capsules may or may not help you lose weight. Like many herbal substances, they work better for some people than for others. Most of the weight loss vitamins on the market today do very little to aid weight loss, and more than a few are next to useless. Still, some are touted as being miracle medicines, either in the advertisements, or by those who use the advertisements as their prime source of research.

Green coffee bean medicines are proving be a little different. Even though they do not necessarily help everyone lose weight, they have done so for a number of people, and they cannot be dismissed as just another miracle capsule that does little beyond making someone money.

Some of the tests and trials could be a little suspect in that most have been sponsored by those who produce these vitamins, but the results cannot be completely ignored.
Since there have not been independent exhaustive studies and tests done on green coffee bean extract, one has to rely on anecdotal evidence, although one 12-week study, although not rigidly controlled, does make the fat burner appear to live up to some of the claims. The problem with most of the studies of this type are that there are so many variables involved that are not controlled it is hard to accurately measure exactly what the vitamin accomplishes or does not accomplish.

If you look into the biochemistry involved, it is easy to see why green coffee bean versions or the coffee bean extract should have a positive effect on weight loss. These versions accomplish what a low carb diet can accomplish, although to a lesser degree. The block a certain percentage of the carbohydrates you take in from being absorbed into the blood stream, requiring your body to go its energy reserves, your fat.