The Potential Complications Of Using Raspberry Ketones Incorrectly

There are almost no side effects from Raspberry Ketones. Conventional weight loss methods, including the use of products, are generally so difficult as to make most people fail in the long run. There are a number of good reasons for this, one of the more important ones is that too many people want to lose weight too quickly, which is either not easy to do, or can be unhealthy if people actually succeed at it. One approach of course is to look to a miracle product to do the job, and there are plenty of miracle fat burners being marketed.

One of these “miracle” capsules is raspberry ketones. This is the result of the solution being hyped as such on that popular television show, The Dr. Oz Show. Miracle versions seldom do much more than help someone to make a lot of money, since they rarely perform as advertised. Unfortunately, advertisements are all too often the only source of information that is available, since herbal fat burners are in general not subjected to clinical testing, nor do they require FDA approval.

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Do raspberry ketones side effects cause you to lose weight or are they simply over-hyped? The answer seems to be a bit of both, since some users have reported experiencing good to excellent results when using the medicines. Whether a given supplement will work for you or not can be difficult to determine, since losing weight without harming your health or experiencing a major setback usually takes time. It is better to lose 10 pounds a month than 5 to 10 pounds a week. Raspberry ketones are most likely to help you lose 10 pounds a month, but it may take several months to expereince their full effect.

What you do not want to do is rely totally on raspberry ketones to do the job. The fat burner can help, but you have to do your part as well.

Raspberry ketones are chemicals found, quite naturally, in raspberries. They are responsible for the aroma and taste of the berry. You will also find this chemical in a number of processed food items, including ice cream and many soft drinks. This chemical is generally regarded as a safe food additive. If it is a safe food additive, common sense tells you it should also be safe when taken as a medicine. The only problem with that assumption lies in the dosage. Even a safe substance, when highly concentrated, can become toxic.

Raspberry ketones, when ingested as fat burners have shown no signs of being overly toxic although a few people have experienced unpleasant side effects. When there are side effects, which not everyone who takes these products will encounter, they most often consist of a gassy or slightly upset stomach, or excessive flatulence. Different people react differently to almost any version however, and some people are allergic to some supplements.

It is probably safe to assume that raspberry ketones will do you no harm, and that you will not experience unpleasant side effects when taking them. The obvious unanswered question is whether or not this product will cause you to lose weight. The answer is an unqualified “maybe.” Some people have had success, and some have not. Some people will manage to lose weight simply by trying to do so, whether they rely on medicines or not. Others seem to be stuck where they are no matter what they try, or they simply do not try hard enough, or give up too easily.

You may find taking raspberry ketones solutions helpful in cutting back on your side effects if you do not rely entirely on the solutions to do the job. If you keep that in mind, they may be well worth a try.

Conventional weight loss remedies or regimens can at times be so difficult to follow, and progress can be so slow, that many if not most people simply give up. Not all give up completely however, but look for the silver bullet, or in this case a miracle medicine that will cause them not only to lose weight, but will take the weight off quickly. Raspberry ketones capsules, whether taken as capsules or as a powder have at times been advertised as a miracle weight loss capsule, which is unfortunate.

What evidence there is that raspberry ketones will help you lose weight is largely anecdotal, and there have been no widespread studies to prove the effectiveness of these versions one way or the other. Studies done on rats have shown that these chemicals can cause them to gain weight more slowly when fed a diet that encourages weight gain, but do not necessarily promote weight loss.

There are however, a number of factors that would seem to indicate raspberry ketones, when taken in the high dosages products normally provide, could have some positive effects. One of these of course is their tendency to inhibit weight gain, and some who have used these fat burners will tell you that is indeed the case. These chemicals are said to increase ones metabolism, and produce a hormone that assists in burning off stored energy, in the form of body fat. If so, raspberry ketones could indeed prove to be beneficial, but there is no indication that these biochemical reactions do in fact take place, or if they do, the overall effects are of significance.

To ensure the effectiveness of these medicines, there are things you should be doing as you are taking them. You need to be counting calories and exercising, rather than leaving the heavy lifting to a capsule.

Some will tell you that raspberry ketones will help you lose weight. Others will tell you the opposite. What we know about this chemical is that it has certain properties that are associated with weight loss. It is believed to speed up a person’s metabolic rate, which can enable the body to begin using up stored energy. That stored energy is contained in fat. The chemical is also known to increase the level of adiponectin hormones in the body.

These hormones have a tendency to block carbohydrates from being absorbed, in effect putting a person on a low-carb diet.
There are other chemicals and compounds that are also thought to be helpful for weight loss, including caffeine, capsaicin, and sybephrine. Compounds found in garlic are thought to be helpful too. If raspberry ketones alone cannot cause a person to lose weight, adding a few of these other chemicals might do the job. The result might well be described as a weight-loss cocktail.

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This cocktail could be built around a cup of coffee, which is of course an excellent source of caffeine. It is uncertain whether sybephrine would add to the taste or not. That would probably depend upon the food item containing this particular chemical. Garlic and capscain would probably make the coffee difficult to drink. Perhaps the addition of raspberry ketones could give this cocktail a better flavor and a nicer aroma.

The message here is that a product based on a specific chemical or compound, such as raspberry ketones may not do all that much to help a person lose weight. Including a few items in the diet that are thought to promote weight loss might be one of the secrets to success. A cup of coffee, a salad with a clove of garlic added, and a bowl of hot chili might do the trick.